InboxGuardian. A unique spam filter. Clean mail. No spam.
InboxGuardian spam filter support all email applications such as Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird Email application support.
Works with all email applications (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora etc) with automatic integration available for Outlook and Windows Live Mail users.

Learn more about email application integration..
InboxGuardian email management

Simple email management.
If integration isn't for you then InboxGuardian works just as well as a simple email mangement tool to be used before download email. Learn more.

InboxGuardian spam filter reports the true location of every email it receives making it easier to spot fraudulent and phishing emails

Email location is unique to InboxGuardian spam filter, giving a likely location for where an email originated. Learn more.

Complete Control.
InboxGuardian removes over 90% of spam straight out of the box. You can choose exactly what email you receive, setup advanced filters to ensure important emails are always kept. All deleted email is kept for review so you'll never lose emails
InboxGuardian spam filter has the capability of stopping spam on any mobile device that can receive email. Get clean email on your mobile device.
Get clean, spam free email direct to your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or any other mobile device that manages email. Learn more about how we do this.

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