InboxGuardian Server. Designed with network administrators in mind to easily manage large numbers of mail accounts yet allow each account to be managed separately.

Manage large numbers of mail accounts.
With licenses starting at 50 mail accounts InboxGuardian is the ideal tool for solving the spam problem at a much higher level. Designed with network administrators in mind to centrally manage multiple accounts with ease.

Web Interface.
InboxGuardian Server is run entirelly from a web interface for ultimate control. A secure password system allows for remote access and therefore remote control of all mail accounts from a remote location.

Mail accounts management.
Each mail account can be managed individually as well as globally. Filters and white/black lists are also managed in this way. Search capabilities are available to make locating accounts and locating emails easy and time efficient.

Email Client and Mobile Support.
Not only are mobile devices supported but your regular email clients too. Works with all email clients. Everyone using InboxGuardian for their mail while in the office can also use it on their phone, spam free.

Comparison   Client Mobile Server
Email location  
Custom filters  
Anti-spam filter  
Up to 10 mail accounts  
POP3, Hotmail, Gmail etc  
Email preview  
Email search
Spam free mobile devices    
Up to 50 mail accounts    
Limited Web Interface    
Over 50 mail accounts      
Advanced account control    
Full Web Interface    
Price   from $29 from $49 from $198


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Watch the InboxGuardian Server demo and see the spam filter at work. View InboxGuardian Server screenshots